Turquoise Door

8" X 10" X 1.5"8" X 10" X 1.5"


Perfect for air plants or any small items

Free-standing as well as a wall piece.


Every piece I create is unique, but this soda-fired pocket wall hanger is unique in ways I can only take partial credit for!


I paint my work with colored clay slip I create by mixing ceramic stains into liquid porcelain. The trick is to manipulate the soft slab’s freshly painted surface into a 3-D form without disturbing the delicate surface. After I have done all this exacting work to adorn the surface, I surrender the piece to the soda kiln. At peak temperature near 2232°F, baking soda is injected into the gas kiln swirling around the kiln by the roaring flames. Where the soda lands, it fluxes (melts) the surface of the clay. The fluxed surface may result as a subtle sheen or added layers of melted glass.


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House Wall Pocket Hanger "Turquoise Door"

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