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About the artist

"I'm healthiest when I'm creating and pushing myself to explore new ideas and ways of making." 

Linda Lee Kiepke's love of decorating ceramics with colored clay slip began as a student at Arizona State University. Now she shares that experience with her own students and fellow Resident Artists at ClaySpace Ceramic Arts Center in Lisle, IL. Established as a 501(c)3 in 2006, with 55 Resident Artists and 80+ students, ClaySpace offers year-round classes, public sales, and monthly gallery shows.  As one of the founding board members, Kiepke is proud of her role as a community organizer. Her current ceramic work is a marriage of linoleum block printing and ceramics.


" I'm drawn to colorful, whimsical images and black line.  Carving line drawings into soft linoleum blocks, I use them to emboss print images into soft clay slabs.  Adding hand-tinted colored clay slip and rolling on black underglaze, indulges my attraction to bright color and black line. Keeping the images clinging to the clay surface fresh and intact, while intuitively transforming them from a flat slab into a 3D piece, adds challenge to my creative process. At times I plan out my pieces, but I prefer to work with spontaneity and to embrace unique surfaces."

Beyond teaching and creating functional ceramic pieces, Kiepke regularly explores other mediums - sculpture, painting, murals, bas-relief tiles, mosaics, stained glass, print making, mixed media, and fibers. With her collaboration with photographer Chris Cox on the book Kiepke's Cups "A 100 Day Challenge", author is her latest new medium.

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