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Beginning- My First Blog Entry

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Today I was speaking with my daughter about starting a blog. Not for me, but for herself. She is a recent college grad with amazing writing skills, and just moved to a new town. Yet, I’m not here to tell her story. When she begins her blog, I will definitely promote it! The girl can write.

I have always struggled and feel uncomfortable with my writing skills. I’m hopeless with commas. The first email I ever sent to my mom, she made corrections and sent it back. I told her to never do that to me again! Bittersweet memory. My mom passed away in December of 2020 at age 89. She was a valedictorian. I was an average student, but I did win an award in ceramic in HS. (if you are tempted to edit my blog, please bite your lip and hold back)

I was bitten by the ceramic bug in 8th grade. I started on the potter‘s wheel. The potter’s wheel is very physical. The reason it has a meditative quality is because, while you need to apply pressure and force, you must keep your body still. You have to center first.

This is the only piece I still have from school. Guessing it was HS, but could have been earlier.

It wasn’t a given that girls would go to college when I graduated from Douglas County HS in Castle Rock, CO. I worked at a mortgage company running credit reports right out of HS. I did take ceramics and some general education classes at Arapaho Community College In the evenings.

One night I told my dad I hate my job. He asked me “What would you be happy doing the rest of your life?” I replied without hesitation “Ceramics!” This was the beginning of a magical time in my life - studying ceramics and Art Education at Arizona State University.

This is my HS graduation photo.

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Mar 11, 2021

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